Health starts at cell level!

Ett inlägg jag gjorde för en tid sedan på facebook:

Sometimes you forget the basic laws about a healthy cell. Healthy cells equal healthy body.
The recipe for healthy cells:
1. Oxygen
The first rule is oxygen and now that’s something you’d think everybody is getting right, huh? But you’ll be surprised how many is reversing their breathing pattern!
2. Nutrients
Overweight but still not nourished! It is so common today that our food is loaded with calories but no nutrients!
3. The ability to detoxify
You don’t eat chemicals do you? It is estimated that a normal person today eats around 50kg of additives a year! Where did that go? Or, how do I get rid of it?
SO THE ANSWER TO ALL THIS IS TO PRACTICE THE 6 FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES OF HEALTH: Right thinking, right breathing, right hydration, right food right exercise, right relaxation, right detox…as you know by now..